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Can I Keep a Loved One’s Inheritance From Their Spouse?

I plan to leave most of my estate to my niece, but I do not want her estranged husband to be able to get his hands on any of the money. They are not getting divorced ‘because of the child.’ What is the most economical way to do this? They live in Missouri and may be moving to South Carolina. I am a New Jersey resident.

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Can I Insulate My Will From Challenges After I’m Gone?

You’ve probably seen it in the movies or on TV hundreds of times: A close-knit family gathers for the reading of the will of a wealthy patriarch or matriarch. When the terms are revealed, someone benefits at the expense of someone else, causing a ruckus. It may even come to blows.

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Advance Directives

Can a Trust Be Amended?

In their trust they leave each other their share upon death and then I would be trustee when my last parent dies. I’m really concerned about this whole deal.

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